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Gerstner Franchising: Messengers of Quality and Taste.

Benefit from a long, proud tradition

K.u.K. is short for „Kaiserlich und Königlich“, distinguishing Gerstner as a purveyor to the court of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. Now, one hundred years later, the Empire is history and its titles aren´t available any more. All the more precious are those still in effect.  Gerstner Hofzuckerbäckerei is among the very last confectioneries with "K.u.K." status. We are proud of this title and cultivate it with finest handmade sweets and pastries – and with uncompromising quality in all our undertakings.

Thus, the brand name Gerstner represents Vienna´s legendary hospitality, its imperial café and pastry shop culture, but also modern services and products of highest quality. In addition to the Hofzuckerbäckerei, the Gerstner brand umbrella covers the well-respected Gerstner Catering and the well-established Gerstner Hotels & Residences.


Inviting the Best:

Gerstner will license persons and businesses with proven competence and solid standing in their local markets to operate under the "Gerstner" brand, marketing quality products and services according to the Gerstner System.

We encourage competent, ambitious businesspersons to approach us with their ideas, discuss chances and resources and to inquire about the available Gerstner Franchise Packages.