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Gerstner - Highlights of an Austrian success story starting in 1847

In 1847 Anton and Barbara Gerstner laid the cornerstone for the Gerstner Company by founding their confectioner’s shop in the heart of Vienna. With exceptional artistic skills, a passion for chocolate and by using only the finest ingredients, they impressed their customers with handmade cakes and confectionery.

Since becoming an Imperial and Royal Confectioner’s Shop, Gerstner has evolved into a highly successful and diverse enterprise. Building on this long tradition, Gerstner has succeeded in developing into one of the most prestigious companies in Austria’s gourmet and hospitality sector.

Superb quality, reliability and perfect service for its customers have always formed the pillars of Gerstner’s success.


21st century

  • Gerstner Kuwait

    Gerstner opens the Gerstner Café & Confectioner in the Gate Mall in Ahmadi, Kuwait

  • K. u. K. Hofzuckerbäcker

    Gerstner opens the new Gerstner K. u. K. Hofzuckerbäcker at 'Kärntner Strasse 51' vis á vis the Vienna State Opera.


  • Austria Hotels

    Gerstner acquires Austria Hotels International including 12 hotels and hospitality establishments.
    In the last few years, Gerstner has developed into an enterprise, built upon a solid foundation that is extremely economically sound. This will enable Gerstner to continue to strategically extend itself.


  • Hofburg Vienna

    Gerstner becomes new catering partner of the Hofburg Vienna.

  • Austrian Eco-label by the Enviroment Ministery

    The Gerstner Catering service was the first catering company of its size to be awarded the Austrian Eco-label by the Environment Ministry.

  • Dream wedding location

    The Gerstner Beletage becomes a part of the circle of dream locations for civil weddings.

  • Gerstner show kitchen

    Gerstner show kitchen: dishes are prepared freshly on site; cookery workshops for companies.

  • Palais Todesco

    Gerstner Catering moves into the Beletage in the Palais Todesco at the famous Kärntner Straße managing the magnificent premises for events there. The successful showroom concept is expanded. From there, the company also organizes all other events in outside locations.

  • Palais Clam-Gallas

    Gerstner Catering moved into its new headquarter at the Palais Clam-Gallas, coordinating all ceremonial rooms in the Palais. From there, the company also organized all other events in outside locations. In addition, Gerstner introduced a new customer service feature - the “showroom-concept”, presenting its clients various catering examples there.

  • La Cité

    The style café “La Cité” – Gerstner at P&C opens its doors at Vienna’s largest fashion house at the Mariahilfer Straße. The pastries, being produced according to old traditional recipes, are newly and trendy interpreted, due to the fashionable location.

  • Museum of Fine Arts

    The long and successful cooperation with the Museum of Fine Arts was enlarged and Gerstner served events at locations affiliated to the Museum of Fine Arts: Neue Burg, Theatre Museum, Museum of Ethnology.

    Gerstner caters a new location exclusively: "Art for Art Theatre Service Workshops" in the Vienna Arsenal.

  • Exhibition & Congress Center Vienna

    At the new exhibition and congress centre in Vienna, Gerstner takes over the new venture to exclusively serve public and trade fairs, banquets and congresses from 5 up to 28.000 guests as well as all other special events.

  • Wiener Musikverein

    With the opening of the music season, Gerstner starts  to serve another very traditional location, the „Wiener Musikverein“, where each year the „Vienna New Years Concert“ takes place and is broadcasted worldwide.

  • Oliver W. Braun

    Oliver W. Braun takes over all business agendas of Gerstner, with the target of stabilizing and reorganizing the company as well as expanding the portfolio without breaking with the vast Gerstner tradition, the high service standards as well as the high quality for which Gerstner is well known.

20th century

  • Restoration

    A private investor group took over the company to establish higher Gerstner standards. During this period, the main production moved from the café located in the heart of Vienna to the suburbs. The Café Gerstner has been renovated generously.

  • 'Kunst & Genuss' - fine buffet evenings

    Gerstner launched “Kunst & Genuss” (Art and Delight) - fine buffet evenings at the Museum of Fine Arts and registers the name as a trademark. These evenings immediately became a culinary institution. Until today, “Kunst & Genuss” is very popular.

  • Museum of Fine Arts

    Gerstner took over the food operation at the Museum of Fine Arts (Café-Restaurant “Kuppelhalle”, special events and catering) and was taking a leading part at museum cafés and restaurant operations. In April 2002, the Business Magazine states that Gerstner at the Museum of Fine Arts ranks No. 2 out of the 10 “Great Gallery Restaurants” among museums worldwide.

  • Museum of Fine Arts - Café

19th century

  • Gerstner Catering

    At the same time, the emperor assignes Gerstner to take over the culinary care of the Imperial as well as other pavilions at the world exhibition at the Vienna Prater. Gerstner starts its catering business at that time.

  • K.u.K Hofzuckerbäcker

    Gerstner is appointed „K.u.K Hofzuckerbäcker“ (Confectioner to the Imperial Court) and therefore, it increasingly serves official state dinners and receptions as well as concert break snacks at the Imperial Court.

  • Gerstner bakery in 19th century

  • Gerstner bakery in 19th century

  • k. u. k. Hofoperntheater

    Gerstner takes over buffets and catering at the former k.u.k Court Opera House, today the Vienna State Opera House. A well-proven partnership over many years. In 2014, Gerstner served the famous Viennese Opera Ball for the 58th time.

  • The creation

    On April 24, Anton and Barbara Gerstner open a pastry shop in the heart of Vienna.